$85.00 USD
IT In-House Server Support (Virtual Server Support)
Support for an in-house server such as an internal office server, file server and/or Microsoft Exchange server.
Monthly/Quarterly charge for remote-access maintenance of your server to update patches, perform monthly virtual backups to the server host (in-house storage), and perform basic well-being maintenance. These backups/upgrades are typically performed by our staff after-hours to minimize downtime and server-performance impact.
$75.00 USD
IT Server Services (Backup, Patches and Standard Troubleshooting Maint)
IT Support Services for In-House Server.
Local & Remote Backup Management, Server Patches & Updates, Health & Stability Monitoring, RAID Services & Monitoring, MS Exchange Patches & Updates
$30.00 USD
Offsite Backup
Offsite Backup (Automated Data Backup)
$145.00 USD
IT Support - Office 365 Subscription
Microsoft Office 365 Subscription License (5 Seats)